One of the very first things that people ask when booking their session is “how does it work?”, “where shall we go?” and “what should we wear?”.

So here are just a few tips to keep in mind when getting ready for your family session.

Time of shoot.  Ideally the best time for taking photos would be an hour or so either after sunrise or before sunset. However, our schedules don’t often allow for this so I will work with whatever time is best for your family. If children are involved in the shoot then pick the best time of the day for them, ensuring that they are well rested and fed. In fact, make sure you’ve all had a bite to eat so that no one ends up feeling hangry!

Location. This really depends… I’m happiest where you are happiest – whether that be at home or at your local park. You can opt to have a relaxed shoot in the comfort of your own home or at a favourite location of choice, perhaps somewhere that is meaningful to you and your family. However, if you have no specific preference in mind then you can leave it up to me as I know of some spots that won’t be overcrowded, thus giving you privacy and making your session all the more relaxing.

What to wear.  First and foremost, dress for the weather! You do not want to be freezing cold, turning blue and feeling uncomfortable. Feel free to pick a couple of colours and choose clothes to fit this colour scheme. You can coordinate your wardrobe but focus on choosing complimentary patterns and colour schemes rather than being too matchy. Wear comfy footwear! I feel very sorry for all the ladies who turn up to the shoot in their fancy high heels only to have me drag them from spot to spot through sometimes less than high-heel friendly terrain.

Relax and have fun. This is probably the most important piece of advice. Just enjoy the moment, your family and surroundings as I capture a combination of individual portraits, photo journalistic shots of children at play, your family having fun, etc. Bring along the kids’ favourite toys and dogs are more than welcome! In fact, I insist that you bring them along with you, they are a part of your family after all and their antics will definitely add more smiles to your faces. If there are any activities that you enjoy doing together as a family, then this is a perfect time to incorporate this into your photo session. Remember that the best photos are the candid ones where you’re caught in the moment. So try to forget about the camera and have fun with your family.