For a lot of us, no family is complete without a lovable furry companion and they are treasured members of our family. For years they share our lives with us and thus it is very important to have their presence in our lives documented.

As an animal lover, there is nothing more exciting for me than meeting your furry best friends and capturing their unique personalities.

I always encourage families to bring their furry companions to their family photo shoot as photos of them are a wonderful addition to your family album.

However, you don’t have to wait for a family session to capture those treasured images of your furry family member. I also offer pet photo shoots where your four legged companion gets to be the star of the show. Also, with someone else behind the lens, you can join your furry friend and capture images of your time together.

Unfortunately our furry friends won’t be around forever so a pet photo shoot is the ideal way of having them immortalized with photography which will be a wonderful reminder of your relationship for years to come.

Gift vouchers are available for all my sessions and these “Furry Friends photo sessions” make for an ideal gift for all the animal lovers in your life.

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